The 7 Highest Paying Careers:

The list of the highest paying careers is dominated by the healthcare sector, with 6 of the top 7 being healthcare based, and for good reason. The healthcare field is projected to grow by about 16% from 2020 to 2030 based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, adding millions of jobs in the coming years. 

1. Anesthesiologist

The highest career on average is the Anesthesiologist. With an average yearly pay of $331,000. An Anesthesiologist’s main job is to monitor and control a patient’s vital functions during surgery. The job entails ensuring the patient is under sufficient sedation during times of surgery and operations, taking years of studying and training to become an Anesthesiologist. 

2. Oral Surgeons

Although being a dentist in itself is a high-paying career, specializing in oral surgery will give the individual a significant income boost. The average pay for oral surgeons is $311,000 per year. The main job of an oral surgeon is surgical, dental injuries and defects that normal dentists are not able to treat. 

3. Obstetricians/Gynecologists

The main job of Obstetricians is the care during pregnancy, childbirth, and after delivery. They help new mothers recover from the birth of their child. Gynecologists on the other hand are more focused on general reproductive health, dealing with reproductive wellness, cervical and breast cancer screenings for example. The average yearly pay for Obstetricians/gynecologists is about $295,000

4. Surgeons

The title of surgeon encompasses many different careers within surgery, such as orthopedic, general, and neurosurgeon, all of which require their own specialization. Typically, the more an individual specializes, the higher the pay will be as it would require more training. On average, a surgeon can expect to make about $295,000 per year.

5. Orthodontists

Dentists take care of an individual’s teeth, from cavities to crowns. Orthodontists on the other hand ensure a patient has straight teeth, biting issues, and jaw problems. All Orthodontists will need to become a dentist before becoming an Orthodontist, taking additional years of study and training. As a result, they earn more due to the specialization, with a yearly income of about $265,000.

6. Internal Medicine Physicians

A doctor specializing in internal medicine, also called internist, mainly deals with adult patients. They are able to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases and illnesses in their patients. Many internal physicians refer their patients with more specialized needs to other doctors, such as dermatologists and Obstetricians/gynecologists for example. As with other types of doctors, they are highly rewarded, earning on average about $242,000 per year.

7. Chief Executive Officer

The highest positions in a company are the chief executives, who essentially oversee the entire company, implementing strategies, plans, and policies that will be beneficial to the company’s growth and position. Chief executives is an umbrella term for executives as they are able to specialize, with the most commonly known term being Chief Executive Officer or CEO. 

There are other types of executives that help the CEO with the company, such as the CFO, who deals with all of the financials, or the CTO, who ensures all of the company’s technology is up to date and will serve the company well. On average, chief executives earn about $213,000 per year.